Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get Your "Hop" On!

When I showed you my Breezeway, I showed you how I incorporated a hopscotch board into the space. I wanted to show you the tutorial on how I did it. As basic and as easy as it seems, unless I had seen this illustrated somewhere (can't remember where) I would not have thought to do it. Maybe I will inspire you to get your hop on as well!
Supplies Needed
  • Masking tape. I choose Red to coordinate with my room. Masking tape now comes in a variety of colors, so choose one that works with your space.
  • Scissors to cut the tape
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Numbers for your board- I used numbers that I cut out of vinyl with my silhouette machine. You could also use pre-cut numbers. 
Choose the area for your board. The size depends on how big/small you want your board to be. My space measured 13ft x 7 ft.

Begin taping off your squares. My squares were 20inch x 24inch to accommodate the space that I was working in. Again, the dimensions of your board are totally up to you.
When your squares are completed , you are ready to place your numbers in the squares 

Now you are ready for the kids to play!

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