Sunday, January 15, 2012

Color in the Winter?

I was walking outside the other day, in chilly Georgia temps and much to my surprise...
I saw one Pink bloom on my Camilla bush. 
 I saw a Blue Jay on the bird bath
I saw beautiful Copper color on the bird bath
I saw a White Lenten Rose starting to bloom
I saw Yellow blooms on my Carolina Jasmine
I saw the Purple pansies peeking out from under the mulch
 For those that live where the leaves all fall from the trees, there's frost on the ground and our garden's are bare, don't miss out on the beautiful color that nature provides this time of the year.

It's out there, just gotta look. 


  1. I love the blooms on my camellia bushes when the trees are so bare...a welcome sighting!!

    1. one of my favorites! don't they make excellent cut flowers. they last for days.

  2. I live in the snowy Midwest, so thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers and birds.. we definatley have to find inspiration in other forms this time of year!

    1. okay, so i won't complain when it is 30 degrees outside then! Although I would'nt mind a little snow this season.

  3. Great photos, I bet the people really up north are laughing at chilly Georgia, I am in Orlando.......We are sooo spoiled ps:It has been a little chilly this last week LOL!


    1. I heard about your "cold front" !:) Growing up in s.florida( my family all resides there) I remember when 50 degree temps were like it was going to snow! miss my family but would'nt give up the season changes.

  4. Hi Laura-

    I just found your blog this morning while having coffee-
    what a treat!
    Enjoyed visiting and I will be back!
    I have had some winter touches of color too.

    White Spray Paint


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