Friday, February 24, 2012

I am really happy for you...really

The other day as I was reading how Christina at No.29 picked up this up Ballard's mirror on the side of the road
I thought to myself, hmmm, maybe I can be so lucky and find something so wonderful, beautiful and free.
 I wouldn't mind finding one of these beauties on the
 side of my road
That would make me happy,
or one of these would be super cool
Or, I would be over the moon thrilled if I found this
But no, instead I found these
Wait... look, there's 2. How awesome is that!
  Anybody need a mattress? I would be happy to share my roadside treasure. I will even deliver it to you.
What  junk treasure have you found on the side of your road?
Note: Unfortunately living in the country has it's disadvantages, one of them being the above which was taken on the way to drive my son to school. People see country roads as a way to dump used, nasty, old mattress's and their dogs . I don't get it.


Patty said...

It's amazing what can be found on the side of a country road! I've found A/C units, washers, and more dogs than I care to mention! But we still love where we live and I could never be a city girl!

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

HAHA!!! Laura, you crack me up. That is the kind of stuff I find too.

laxsupermom said...

It's crazy, isn't it? I don't know why people think they can just dump their garbage on country roads. Drooling over the mirror find! Thanks for sharing.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Cute post. Nothing on the side of the road here. Hope you find a real treasure. Hugs, Marty

Dale JaneƩ said...

Just found your blog and I loved looking through your pics. Those chairs are so fun with the white trim. AND haha, about the mattresses, I hate when people dump stuff on the side of roads expecting other people to deal with it. There is so much gross trash all over the sidewalks in SF. Nice post, following you now


momto8 said...

kind of funny..but not really... a country road is not a garbage dump.
good luck treasure seeking..hope you find some fun stuff!!
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Seriously, I think this is my favorite post you have ever written. I can totally understand....don't get me started on what people dump out here in the country! I am so excited that you are going to Haven! Go us!


thistlewoodfarm said...


Can you e-mail me? I sent you an e-mail and it came back undeliverable??


Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

:o) I love this post! I completely and totally agree with you... I have NEVER seen anything amazing on the side of the road and trust me I check! I usually just see gross couches and stuff along the nature of the matress that you saw! Darn huh?! Anyways I am so happy to meet you!!! I am stopping by from the power bloggers group {I am new} and I am having a great time checking out everyones blogs!!! I am thrilled that we are now kinda working together!!! I can tell I like your blog a ton already :o)
Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
ps new follower too!

Christina said...

Believe me this doesn't happen everyday! I'd love to pretend that Ballard items are dropping out of the sky. I think it was just my fairy godmother.

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