Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sweet Smelling Gift Idea

This is a great smelling idea to end Teacher Appreciation Week, and honestly this would make a great gift for mom's day too. 
 How cute is this! All's you need to do is take a few packs of scents- I used lavender, and tie a ribbon around them to secure
layer some circle shaped card stock and coordinating paper and attach your "Thanks for teaching me good scents" note. I printed this using Word and glued both circles together.
Tuck the note in the scent packets and share with mom or your favorite teacher.
 Mom or teacher- maybe both, will certainly enjoy the sweet smell in this gift.
Need more inspiration, check out my mom's day  arrangement here and my chalk butterfly idea here .
Come back on Friday when I'll share one more gift idea for mom's day and next week I will share an idea for an end of the year teacher gift. 
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  1. So sweet, Laura! I love lavender!

  2. Cute. I'll have my kids email you, cause I'm pretty sure they have not given Mother's Day a thought yet.


  3. This is the cutest idea! I'm running to the store now to get some 'scents' for our teacher gift tomorrow. You have the best ideas Laura, thank you.

  4. Laura,

    What an adorable idea! I need to get my act together and start working on teacher gifts :)


  5. Very cute idea! Looks so elegant, yet simple.

  6. Awesome idea, can you put some more ideas for different gifts occasions.


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