Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekly Wow's

Happy Saturday friends!
Well, I have graduates.....of preschool anyways. This week marked the milestone of preschool graduation for my twins. I was truly a proud mommy, as I sat in the cap and gown ceremony and listened to them recite the pledge, count by 10's and list the alphabet with corresponding words. Yes, tears.
She's all girl and he's .... well, all boy!

Here's some wonderful inspiration for you to awe over.

Eat now, play later, that's what I say! 
If you play the violin,  you will want to eat this one instead.   Jessi Cakes Blog
Beautiful dresser makeover from Centsational Girl that started as a plain pine IKEA piece with blue burlap added. Have you ever used  fabric on your furniture pieces...this makes me want!!  

Have you ever considered hanging a mirror outside in your garden. You could easily hang one on the fence or on your house. Love how the image of the garden reflects in the mirror.

This next table setting from Celebrating Everyday Life gets me in the summer mood with memorial day right around the corner. Nothing beats good ole red, white and blue!

What are you doing this weekend?
Grateful for~

A wonderful preschool year for my twins. Look out kindergarten, here they come!

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  1. Our grandson graduated Pre-K Thursday night. He is the youngest of our four g'kids. We were at an art show at a local college, just before the graduation, where our 7 year old's painting was exhibited. I cannot believe how they have grown. I posted about it, in a rare post about our kiddos.
    Your children are so cute, Laura. Time definitely flies.

    I have had mirrors outdoors. One on the back porch, in recent years and then there was the one at the farm. Cardinal males absolutely love to preen or fight with their image, I don't know which. They will peck at a mirror endlessly. This includes car mirrors. To keep them from bothering the car mirrors, we hung a mirror in the front garden. There was a place for them to sit and look at themselves to their hearts content.

  2. I'm nuts over that mirror outdoors! Great idea! The kids are precious, Laura -- what a milestone!
    xo Heidi

  3. So cute and congrats to the twins!

    :) Linda

  4. I love everything but the twins graduation is the BEST X2!!!! How precious and adorable...I bet there were more than just a few tears : ) by the way...that violin cake is AMAZING!!!!! hugs...

  5. Adorable!!! Congrats to you all!!! The first of many graduations to come!!!!!

  6. Adorable!!! Congrats to you all!!! The first of many graduations to come!!!!!

  7. Where has the time gone - I blinked and my girls turned 13! Enjoy these years (and your free time while they are in school)!!

  8. Congratulations!
    I find these opportunity of graduating little ones so precious... and they are... well... wow! I almost forgot to check the other wows.

    Which were fabulous as usual. Love the mirror - really love it.

    And now? Summer Vacations already?! Oh the Fun never ends :)


  9. Congratulations to your cute little ones! I came over from the Cottage Market after seeing your lovely home. I'm following you on Pinterest. Have a great day!

  10. Congrats to your two little graduates! I love your wows! Especially the burlap on the dresser, wow!


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