Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Wow's

Hard to believe our summer clock is ticking away with only 5 more weeks remaining till school starts. July will be packed with day trips, overnight trips, swimming, tubing down the river, mining for gold and just.....memories.
 I will cherish all except for the one that I encountered yesterday when I fell right on my behind while slipping on a rock trying to get my little one out of the shoals (think river or stream) in my flip flops. Not a smart thing to do. Smarter would have been wearing swim shoes with some traction. So I am doing the smart thing next week and getting a pair. was your week?

Sweet sweet read here if you have boys ready to date or will someday, like my little guys who are running away from the
girls these days
Sailboat art project here
Okay seriously, is this not the best idea since the mason jar was created!

Need to find a use for these tags somewhere. Too cute!
 The entire download is available at
I hope you enjoy your weekend and every minute of it! Stay off of rocks in flip flops!

Grateful for~
Ice packs

PS- To see more of my weekly wow's click here.

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  1. Morning my friend and thanks for the smile...boys and girls...this little story reminds me of when we thought boys hat "cooties" lol!!!! Thank you also for featuring my alphabet...there is now a full number set! The sailboat is wonderful and of course I ADORE Linda's Mason Jar creations...I have now started calling her MJ for short! Hope you have a fabulous and wonderful weekend and congrats on the feature over at Burlap Projects :) I mentioned that in the blog post today! It is TRULY the most AWESOME Burlap Wreath's like the little black can make it into anything you want! (HUGS)

  2. I saw your wreath on Burlap Projects, so beautiful. I am saving this for the future. What a great picture of the boys running!! Have a great weekend.


  3. Laura-They grow up so very quickly, don't they? From the Oh- YEWWWW years (with the opposite sex) to the OOOHHHHH YOUUUUU!

    So sorry you fell-I have done that a couple of times on slippery rocks myself-matter of fact I have a big scab on my knee from getting knocked down in the ocean-lol Hope you have a good week- xo Diana

  4. Thank you, my friend!!! I actually making three sets of those mason jar bad boys this AM to fill orders from the Etsy shop ... the red, white, and blue dust is flying!

    :) Linda

  5. 5 weeks? They just got out. Yes, you better get you some shoes with traction. Ouch!

  6. Oh, the other day I almost fell while wearing flip flops during a rainy day! Not a good combination that's for sure. Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Oh ouch Laura!!...My hubby just ordered some great swim shoes on Zappos...great wows and hope you have a great weekend...pain free!

  8. Oh no! If it's any consolation. Once at Jim's company picnic, I was getting a beach ball for the kinds and fell in the water up to my neck and got soaked through about 5 seconds after arriving. That was a super-fun day. Hope that ice helps!! :)


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