Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Wow's

Happy Friday friends. I hope the week was a good one and that the countdown for the weekend has started. Here's some possibilities for you to consider as you head into the weekend. 

Love this little sign that I found here. What are you grateful for?
I love the navy and white stripes on this table from It All Started With Paint

Although I tend to be more traditional when it comes to my pumpkins, this one from Eclectically Vintage sure is purdy! How about you, how do you like your pumpkins?
If I had some driftwood I would totally be making this mirror from 

What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is....make it amazing!
PS- for more of my weekly wow's click here

Grateful for~
My life and everything that is packaged with it.

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  1. Great wows always choose great ideas and things to reflect on!
    Have a great weekend...I am grateful that " I woke up and saw the beautiful sun"...something that my mom says everyday!

  2. Laura these are some great Wow. My favorite is the pumpkin that Kelly made.


  3. Thank you so much, my friend, for sharing my table!!!!! So truly and deeply appreciated!

    Have an AMAZING weekend!

    :) Linda

    I am really "smitten" with Linda's table...I LOVE it!!! As always my share the best!

  5. I want you to have that mirror.... gather some dead branches from your land and peel that bark off. Similar look, and then I can copy you cuz I don't have any driftwood either.

  6. Love the nautical striped table! I took my kids to a parade, then hit some garage sales!


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