Monday, March 25, 2013

My Heart is Broken

I wanted to let you know that my family experienced a tragic loss late last week. My twin sisters daughter Jessica who was 22 years old, died from injuries sustained in a car accident. These have been the hardest days of my life and my grief and sadness is just so overwhelming .
I want to truly thank those who have offered prayers to me to my my family. The amount of support and prayer has been so comforting and such a blessing. I ask that you continue to pray for us and in particular my sister, my brother-in law and Jessica's sister as they get through this very, very difficult time.
I hope to share more with you about this beautiful soul that was taken from us way to soon, when I return next week. Until then, hug those around you a bit more then you did yesterday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Mantle

Do you ever have one of the moments when you have something to say, yet can't find the words to say it?

One of the days weeks when two of children both decide to get a severe stomach bug ( cause the third one decided to go first two weeks ago) and you feel like you have been cleaning up vomit and poop all day week month?

 Do you ever wait till the last minute to put your mantle or Easter decor up because you are too busy taking care of everyone else and the kids think the Easter Bunny won't come unless there are eggs and green grass all over the house?

This is one of those moments.... this is one of those days.... and this is one of those mantles. 
Besides, I figured it was time to share my Spring Mantle before it was 4th of July and I was draping an American Flag over Old Peter Rabit.

So I will leave you with a few words, my mantle and the bunny.

PS- I got the chalkboard art work here. To see my mantel covered in cherry blossoms click here

Grateful for~
My niece graduating the Police Academy 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple Spring Centerpiece

Do you ever have projects that speak to you?

Projects that evoke beauty and rejuvenation. 
                             Projects that inspire us to start new.
Projects with the promise of renewal? 

Projects that remind you of a fresh start to life, the abundance of never ending beauty and the start of a new season......Springtime.


 So, whether you are inspired by all of the sentiments of Easter and Passover or by my simple birds nest that I made with a medium size grapevine wreath, floral moss and eggs from here, perhaps you will think about all of the ways in which you can renew. 

What inspires you to renew this spring?

PS- For some of my other favorite Spring Projects go here

Grateful for~
Life and all it's natural beauty

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Wow's

Happy Saturday!! I hope it was a great week for you and that your weekend is off to a great start.
I am fortunate enough to be on my "first " girls weekend with my little girl. In fact, she experienced her first plane ride the other night and enjoyed the "blast off" with sheer amazement and excitement. Speaking of amazement , I have some Wow's  today that fit that description too.  I hope you are just  inspired as I am.

The DIY Village shares this beautiful Tulip Door Wreath. So pretty!
Turn the lights on!! Look at this amazing light that Dear Emmeline created.
City Farmhouse shares a tutorial for her rustic barnboard sign and some simple touches of Spring in her beautiful home.
And this darling Easter Tablescape with such amazing details that you won't want to miss over at Uncommon Designs Online.
How will you be spending this last weekend of Winter? Whatever you are doing, I hope it's a good one!

Grateful for~
Creating memories with my daughter!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How The Egg Is A Part Of Our Community

Let me tell you, my husband and I had no idea how our opinions on eggs would change when we moved to a little ole dirt road in the middle of the country.

 Really... we didn't.
Neighbors, friends and the community all having  the same goal in mind... Eggs
And plenty of them. 
As far as the eye can see. Rows and rows of chicken houses filled with thousands and thousands of loyal occupants. So loyal, that they each lay between 250-300 eggs per year and never more then one egg a day, generally in the morning before you get up for that first cup of coffee.
 What once was a staple on our weekly grocery list when we lived in the city, can now be eliminated from our weekly shopping list. Not having to buy eggs, a benefit not realized till we moved to the country. 
Something else we realized is that the color of the feathers around the chickens head generally determines the color of the eggshell.

 And along with this abundance of eggs there is a downfall of having row after row of chicken houses, depending on which way the wind is blowing.
Yup, you always know when it's cleaning day at those houses. 
I always love to invite my city friends out to the country when that happens!
And despite this little stinky obstacle,  we sure do love our chickens!

PS- The moral of my post- don't judge an egg by it's color.
PPS- Thought you should know that May is National Egg Month! Let me know if you need some eggs.

Grateful for~
Abundance of eggs 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekly Wow's

Spring and Easter have clearly been on my mind this week and as I was cleaning out my closet and "regretfully" tried on a pair of shorts ...... GASP. It is definitely not time for these winter white legs to see the light of day yet. But unfortunately, when the temps start climbing into the 60's and 70's, I may look a tad but ridiculous in my my sweat pants!
Perhaps I will go outside this weekend, in shorts, and start working on my tan and a few of these amazing projects.
Eclectically Vintage shares a simply Spring Centerpiece from Cat Grass. Cat Grass? I had no idea what Cat Grass was until I saw her post- did you?
 Reposhture  transforms pieces of drop cloth thread into a beautiful birds nest.
Fern Creek Cottage transforms an armoire into a beautiful  piece using Duck Egg Blue
 And because we all need to dry our hands, Daisy Mae Belle created the cutest DIY stamped hand towels.
Whether you are playing in the sun or the snow this weekend, I hope you have a great weekend.
Grateful for~
Spring like weather!
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Friday, March 08, 2013

I am quite sure and Some Easter Projects

A few things that I am quite certain of today  ......
1) Easter is 3 weeks away
2) You better get moving on those projects

I am also quite sure that if we were BFF's this time last year, like we are now, you would have known about some of my favorite Easter /Spring projects, but since we just became close sometime between the summer solstice and today there's a good chance you did'nt see them. So I have taken it upon myself as any good friend would do, to bring them out and share the details.
Details for the bunny wrap can be found here
Details about my Easter Cake Pop/Hostess Gift can be found here

 Details about this Spring Wreath can be found here

And so BFF, since we are in the spirit of sharing and all, I should also probably tell you that the summer solstice this year is
 on June 21,2013... but you probably already knew that.
 Grateful for~ Friends  BFF's like you!

PS- I would love it if you told your friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends, about my blog and what a great BFF I am!
Sharing at:y 
Crafty Scrappy Happy
Tatertots and Jello
It's So very Cheri
Between Naps on The Porch
Under The Table and Dreaming

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Canvas Art For The Family Room

Amongst the crumbs in between the couch cushions, chocolate milk stains on the rug, toys overflowing in the corner basket and all kinds of fuzzy stuffed animals taking up more space on the couch then me....
Love Lives Here

Despite the fact that I have not held the TV remote or watched an episode of Designers Challenge on HGTV since my kids were born,  my husbands idea of watching tv together is catching an episode of "Hows it Made",and lucky me because I know every little chugger train on Chuggington, that's really okay cause.......
Love Lives Here

 So to give me one more reason to smile when I walk into a room filled with so much laughter, joy and couch cushion crumbs, I made this wall art to symbolism who and what exactly lives here....
Love Lives Here

and suddenly the episode of "How's It Made" describing Hydrogen fuel cells doesn't seem so bad after all and I almost forget what HGTV is. 
Oh... and did you see the eposide on Composite Propane Cylinders...too cool.

PS- to make my "Love Lives Here" canvas art,  I simply traced my words with my Chipboard lettering ( that I got at Hobby Lobby) on a piece of canvas that I painted with a base coat and then handpainted the letters. I distressed my edges with a fine grit sandblock, wiped down and then sprayed with a clear acrylic finish.

Grateful for~
A house filled with so much love. 

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Monday, March 04, 2013

Surprise Party

Surprise....I am guest hosting a link party today with........
I am so excited to be guest hosting with the girls from Texas and Arizona today, but honestly it got me thinking
Hmmmm.... What's the real reason I am here?
I wonder if the girls heard that I lived in Texas for several years and that's why they wanted me to be a guest host?
Or could it be that I loved going to the Houston Livestock Rodeo and couldn't wait to put my boots and hat on for the greatest show around? 
I hope they don't find out that I have never been to Arizona but I do like Arizona tea. Hope that counts!

But I am thinking the real reason might be that I live in the middle of the country (just not in Texas or Arizona), on a dirt road surrounded by ponies, donkeys, cows, dogs, cats, fish and enough wildlife that they start to become friendly and read your blog everyday! 
In fact the coyotes are probably reading about my breakfast room right now here
And the white tail deer are reading about my home office here
But whatever the reason, I am thrilled to be hosting today and if any of those Texas or Arizona gals want to come to Georgia, I can show them around- Georgia Peach style! 

Now here's Anita with some party details

Thanks so much Laura for guest hosting for us this week!!!  I'm also so excited about the addition of Kristi and Kelli to our party.  

Here are the features from last week's party
Market Nine Home - Keep your Home New and Fresh by Rotating Accessories with the changing seasons

Denise on  a Whim - Card Catalog Entry Table
Linda Bergman - TROMPE L'OEIL Garage Doors
Creative Passage - Drop Cloth Lamp Shade

House of Fab for Less - Grain Sack Pillows

White Weather Hutch - Easter Bags

Now about this week's party... You link up on my blog and your link shows up on 5 blogs.   
More exposure, less time.
(Please read the guidelines before participating)

Please follow (GFC) and/or subscribe to your host blog.
* You may link up any type post.  (We reserve the right to remove any links we find offensive or spammy.)  
* You may link as many links as you want.
* Be sure to include THE SCOOP Button or text link to in your linked post, Mandatory to be featured!!
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