by laura janning

Weekly Wow's

March 21, 2014

Happy Friday...Happy Spring...Happy Everything!

For anyone who has ever wanted Ruby red slippers you go

Oh my...beautiful. Tutorial here. And in case you missed my succulent gardens this week, you can catch up here.

My kids love these. Now I can stop spending money and make my own from here

Speaking of read all week here. If you have kids or know someone who does, you must read this.

After seeing this picture, I bet you will plant some of these for next spring, every color.

I enjoyed myself touring this beautiful home. You will too!

We will be working on finishing the kitchen cabinets, squeezing in a birthday party and attending a Cub scout banquet this weekend. My little Wolf is becoming a Bear.
What are you up to? Whatever it is....make sure it's amazing.
PS- For more of my Weekly Wow's click here

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  1. Awesome tips and I LOVE the shoes!!! What a great idea for boring or old heels you don't wear any more!!
    xx, Sarah

  2. Great wows...have a wonderful weekend...congrats to your little Bear!

  3. Oh I'm off to check out some of those great features. Congrats to your son. Sounds like you'll be having a busy weekend.

  4. There's no place like home, there's no place like home..... especially if home has Reeses eggs.

  5. I'm loving the ruby slippers! Am I too old to make myself a pair? ;)

    Have a fabulous (and, it sounds like, a very busy) weekend!

    :) Linda

  6. Laura great wow here, my husband would devour those eggs. That succulent wreath is so pretty and looks amazing. Sounds like you have a busy weekend. Enjoy!


  7. A day late, but still inspiring! Enjoy your birthday and congrats to your little guy! Paint those cabinets girl!

  8. Hi Laura,

    I am just dropping by to thank you for the mention! :-) I am happy you enjoyed that tour... that is a very special home, isn't it? :-)

    Big hugs to you!

    Luciane at


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