Saturday, May 03, 2014

Weekly Wow's

Happy Weekend. We have our first big dance recital this weekend so between dress rehearsal and the real deal on Sunday, I hope to enjoy some time with my family visiting for the weekend.
What are you up to?

Here's some fun that I found this weekend.

Framed vintage bikinis, beach hats and the color

I love this idea of dressing up a plain bamboo shade from here

Cutest idea for moms day...or any occasion. Tutorial here

Shower and rock out with one of these.....sweet

And finally,  if you recognize this backyard pool, can you ask the owners if me and the kids can come over ....everyday over the summer to I promise, we won't make a mess.


So tell me, are you a 'shower singer' and what's your favorite tune?
Make it a super fantastic weekend doing things that you love.

I will be back on Monday with my Southern Gal pals for another Installment of 'Oh My Word'. This month we are sharing some flower projects.

PS- For more of my Weekly Wow's, click here.

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  1. What great things here, Laura. If that were MY pool you and the kids could come over everyday as long as you cooked for me, too!;>)
    Love that pink jar-what a cute idea.
    I don't sing in the shower- I take about a 2 minute shower-in and out-no time to xo Diana

  2. Awsome things, oh my!! No songs in the showers here!
    Have a great day!

  3. You are right WOW!!!..and there is our dream pool with that swim up bar!!


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