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June 13, 2014

Happy Friday. I expected to be in Washington DC this weekend, but due to a conflict at home, instead I am watching kid movies and cleaning up a paint mess in the garage. This my friends, is the twins interpretation of  "summer time fun". 

Lesson learned, do not leave unattended paint cans in the garage with very active 5 year olds ! "We just wanted to see what color it was mommy...honest"  The only reason I am not super upset is, repainting the garage floor is a summer project we are intending to do anyways, but thanks to the kids, we can cross that project off the list.

Here's some amazing projects that may make it to your list.

Super cute for kids wall, from here

My dirty laundry will look so cute in this DIY laundry basket from The Picket Fence Projects

I should surprise my kids one morning with homemade poptarts from here.

After I polish off a few of the pop tarts (it's bound to happen) , I just may need to eat this delicious looking Russian layered salad. 

Super cute...and clever, DIY outdoor garden clock art from My Sweet Savannah

Other than a few landscape chores this weekend we will be loving on sweet daddy. What are you up to? 

Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's out there!

grateful for~
the kindness and patience from the best dad my kids 
could ever have

PS- Don't forget I am giving away a rug  here and a $100 Visa giftcard giveaway here and another $100 Visa card here. Would love for you to go enter!

PPS- for all my weekly wow's click here.

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  1. Oh you always find the greatest things to feature and I love that clock too!!!!...sorry you had to scrap your DC trip....Have a great weekend!...

  2. Very cool! Love the laundry basket and that clock!

  3. that clock totally blew me away, too! love the laundry basket, too!

  4. of the favorite rewards of getting back to blogging...Weekly Wows! Always something that sends me off curiously! Thanks lady!

  5. I always want to make everything you show on Weekly Wows!!!! LOVE that potting bench and clock!!!!

  6. Sorry about the DC trip and the kids getting into the paint. That clock is so very cool!!!


  7. Oh my goodness! I bet that was not fun trying to clean up that mess. Anything can happen (and does) with little ones. I've never seen homemade poptarts before. Hmmmm......may need to check that one out!

  8. I've gotta head over and pin a couple of those. The clock I must have, and my laundry needs something fun like that hamper.

  9. Love your weekly wows! So sorry for the paint mishap. Could've been worse ... with 5 year olds, it could've been worse! I've been crazy busy lately, and not with fun stuff, I need to snoop around and catch up on your blog!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing our DIY laundry hamper! First time visitor to your blog and excited to explore your projects :)


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