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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grow it and just....Wait

Before we moved to the country, I would have classified myself as a pretty impatient gardener. Well, make that really impatient. On the weekends, I would run to the Garden center for my flats of flowers, shrubs and trees, come home put them in the ground and expect overnight maturity and beauty.
But something had to change when I moved to the country. Now with a surplus of land, plopping a flower, tree or bush wherever I wanted wasn't part of the plan nor was the expense to buy the number of plants that I would want to fill such vast space. I needed to change how I approached gardening. I needed to change........ me.
I remember my girlfriend calling me one day and asking if I wanted some daylily plants from the side of the mountain where her mom lives in North Carolina. I said sure, give me what you got. So she did and brought over 14 full size Daylily plants.  
I divided each of those 14 plants into as many plants as I could. I dug deep into the hard Georgia clay and planted them all in a single row along this wall. Although they looked slightly weak and almost pathetic ( imagine Charlie Brown Christmas Tree) I envisioned that one day with care and patience watching them grow, my single stem daylily plants would grow into something spectacular and amazing.
 So year after year my single stem daylilies all planted in a row, began to grow...spread and naturalize. My patience was paying off.
And if that's not enough, during the past 8 years I divided those daylilies from the wall and planted them along a walkway to our Guest Cottage. In a single row from a single stem.

So each year when the daylilies are in full bloom and I am walking on that pathway that I call the 'pathway to patience', I am reminded of that very impatient gardener and how she learned a valuable lesson 8 years ago, how it paid off and how she never bought another daylily at the Garden center again.
Have you learned your lesson in the garden yet?
PS- My thoughts and what's worked for me on the best times to dig up and divide-  Spring and Early Fall. Either before your plants have blooms on them or after they have bloomed. 

Grateful for~
The friend who gave me those 14 plants

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Didn't like Winter Until....

The Winter Season has always typically been my least favorite time of the year, until yesterday that is....
See, I am not a big fan of frigid temperatures, having to layer clothes to go outside or witnessing nature going dormant for a few months, well until yesterday.....
Tucked next to my birdbath here, my Camellia bush continues to shower me with beautiful color when other's refuse to or simply don't because it's too cold.
So as of yesterday, after being consumed by this beauty, I have changed my mind and will learn to like Winter only until my Camellia stops blooming it's vibrant pink petals with it's shiny green leaves or until Spring arrives, whichever comes first.
How about you, are you a big fan of the cold or ready to put your flip flops on?

Grateful for~
To be able to walk outside and see this beautiful bush when there is no other color around, even in the cold!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Butterflies and the Butterfly Bush

Have you ever wondered why the butterflies like the Butterfly bush so much? 

Do you think it's because of the beautiful white, pink or purple blooms that the bush produces all summer?
Maybe the massive amount of blooms that sprout out all over the bush and make excellent cut flowers like I used here . No worries though, the butterflies don't mind since there is plenty more.
 Or do you think it's because the bush, although a perennial in most regions, is a fast grower and virtually maintenance free?
Perhaps it's because the bush emits a special honey fragrance that attracts butterflies like some mystical spell?
Maybe they can't get enough of the sweet nectar from the flowers?
I don't know the real reason, but if I were a butterfly these are some pretty good reasons to stick fly around! 
Have a great weekend. 
See you back here tomorrow for My Weekly Wow's.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Colorful way to greet your guests

Who would have imagined that these..... 
could look so beautiful, vibrant and colorful?
My Crepe Mrytle stems (which I never would have thought to cut) in various colors from the front yard
placed in a straw tote with a small chalkboard sign
And perched on a chair near the door to Welcome You!
For more beautiful outdoor gardening ideas, I invite you to visit my Flip Flop Gardner Series (which is also located in my sidebar).

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

How To Add Color To A Hot Summer Garden

Man Oh Man is it Hot! Driving back from Dallas last weekend I actually saw a few crayons on the ground at a gas station that had melted. That's hot! 
Living in Georgia I have become more familiar with the term HOTLANTA especially these last few weeks. Although my garden has not lacked water ( luckily I am on a well and not faced with water restrictions) it does lack color. It usually does this time of the year with the heat.
 I wanted to share a fun and quick way to add a pop of color to your hot, hopefully still green and really sorry if it's now a brown garden.
I took my metal bicycle planter that usually gets around the garden and yard quite a bit, and sprayed it a fun Spa Blue color.
I added a basket with a bunch of Brown Eyed Susan's, which is the only burst of color that I have around right now that grows extremely well in dry, hot conditions 
I put the flowers in a container filled with water inside the basket and can have color from the bunch for a couple of days. When they die down I go here and pick more. This plant actually likes to be cut so more flowers will pop up.
Attached to the back is a picnic basket that most likely won't be utilized until the temps cool down a bit, but looked cute on the back of the bike.
So there's my solution for a pop of color. 
What things do you do to add color to your garden this time of the year?

PS- Did you know you can follow me on Hometalk now? It's a great online forum where I and other DIY'ers post great tips and suggestions on anything home and garden related. Click the button below or in my sidebar to start following me today!

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Backyard Paradise

If you knock at the door and I don't answer that's because I am probably right here in the backyard, so come on back and join me
Don't worry there's plenty of room for you
and your cousins
We can sit here drinking Cherry Kool-aid and listen to the water trickle in the pond
or look at the Rudbeckia also known as Brown-Eyed Susan, that just started to bloom. A sure sight of a Hot Summer
Or you can bring your bait and pole and see if the fish are biting down in the lake
But I am staying put, right here where you found me
 Oh, and when you do leave, don't forget to close the door behind you!

To see more of my home tour and my front porch click here.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Really "Green" Idea

If you know me,you would know of my love for Daylilies. If not, you can witness that adoration here . The love fest goes on for months until the blooms die back and I am left with the sight of this
and this. Just think, a million of these stalks just staring at  me. 
Determined to proclaim my continued devotion to my sweet Day Lily, I decide to do something that I have never done before. An idea that not only  keeps me "green" but also keeps me in good grace with mother nature.
I went out and picked all the spent stems from the Daylilies and trimmed off about an inch from the bottoms
I then took Ivy Green Rust-Oleum spray paint and coated the entire stem front and back, and let the stems dry completely
I then placed my new found "green " idea in a container on the patio.
It provides some nice color and interest for something that would have just ended up on the ground, unnoticed as it decomposed.

Not bad for  spent Daylily stems.
 Mother Nature thinks it's a cool idea too!