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Simple Spring Centerpiece

March 18, 2013

Do you ever have projects that speak to you?

Projects that evoke beauty and rejuvenation. 
                             Projects that inspire us to start new.
Projects with the promise of renewal? 

Projects that remind you of a fresh start to life, the abundance of never ending beauty and the start of a new season......Springtime.


 So, whether you are inspired by all of the sentiments of Easter and Passover or by my simple birds nest that I made with a medium size grapevine wreath, floral moss and eggs from here, perhaps you will think about all of the ways in which you can renew. 

What inspires you to renew this spring?

PS- For some of my other favorite Spring Projects go here

Grateful for~
Life and all it's natural beauty

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I am quite sure and Some Easter Projects

March 8, 2013

A few things that I am quite certain of today  ......
1) Easter is 3 weeks away
2) You better get moving on those projects

I am also quite sure that if we were BFF's this time last year, like we are now, you would have known about some of my favorite Easter /Spring projects, but since we just became close sometime between the summer solstice and today there's a good chance you did'nt see them. So I have taken it upon myself as any good friend would do, to bring them out and share the details.
Details for the bunny wrap can be found here
Details about my Easter Cake Pop/Hostess Gift can be found here

 Details about this Spring Wreath can be found here

And so BFF, since we are in the spirit of sharing and all, I should also probably tell you that the summer solstice this year is
 on June 21,2013... but you probably already knew that.
 Grateful for~ Friends  BFF's like you!

PS- I would love it if you told your friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends, about my blog and what a great BFF I am!
Sharing at:y 
Crafty Scrappy Happy
Tatertots and Jello
It's So very Cheri
Between Naps on The Porch
Under The Table and Dreaming

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A Late Bloomer and My Tissue Paper Flowers

February 5, 2013

There, I said it. I am a late bloomer..... but my reasons have nothing to with puberty. You see, a late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual.  
Take for instance Maya Angelou. Did you know she was in her 60's when her poetry and books became popular. And there is Mozart, who composed his groundbreaking Concerto No.9 when he was 21.

Claude Monet got discovered for his creations in his 40's. And although Dr.Seuss wrote his first book "And To Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street" in his thirty's he didn't start writing successfully until his later 40's.
 Vincent van Gogh didn't start painting until his late 20's. 
And then there's my tissue paper flowers that I did not attempt to make until my mid 40's.

Clearly my skills in  tissue paper flower making came a bit later then usual.
So to celebrate this moment and in case you are a late bloomer too, I wanted to share this easy tutorial with you. 
  • 10 sheets of tissue paper
  • String or thin ribbon - length depends on how long you want to hang or suspend your flower.
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take your 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold back and forth like an accordian. Carefully press down each seam  and create flat folds. The flatter the better.

Step 2: Take your scissors and cut each of the tips in a v like cut creating a point. You can also use a rounded tip cut.
Step 3: Tie your string or thin ribbon in the center of your folded paper. It is key that the string is pulled tight.
Step 4: Begin on one side and carefully lift up each sheet of paper towards the center of the flower. You want to be gentle with this step or your flower paper will tear. 
Step 5: When one side is complete, follow this same process on the other side going the other direction until all sheets have been lifted towards the center.
Step 6: Sit back and rejoice that there is one more person on this planet who can make tissue paper flowers. 
Now if only I can get the training wheels off my bicycle!
Any other late bloomers out there?

Grateful for~
Knowing that there is always hope regardless of your age!

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How I used a sheet to set the Easter Table!

April 9, 2012

Really I did..... in fact I re purposed just about everything on the Easter table this year.
It started a few days before our Easter Brunch when I found out that my sister did not have a cake plate , so I headed out to thrift  and picked up some needed table supplies, including an anthropology Noble Sneed candle holder and plate to make my sister this cake plate. Details here.
Then it turned to vases to put flowers in. In my quest for the cake plate supplies, I also picked up a few milk bottle jars. The jars and some old reed diffusers were perfect to put some pretty cut blooms in.
I decided that white was the theme for the table so I pulled a white king size sheet out of the linen closet to use as a table cloth. Sorry for the wrinkles, no time to iron!! 
I used a variety of beautiful white flowers from her garden to put in the vases and scattered them throughout the table
I took a birdcage from the den to use as the centerpiece because of it's color and size.
 Not to bad for a totally "use what you got" tablescape.
Brunch is served!

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Happy Easter and some Lily Care Tips

April 8, 2012

Easter Lily

Today you or someone you know may receive a beautiful Easter Lily plant. I wanted to pass on a few basic caring tips to keep your plant healthy and beautiful.
  • Remove the yellow parts of your Lily which are called Anthers.  They are messy but doing so, will keep the petals white and give the flowers longer time to look beautiful.
  • Temperatures of around 60° to 65°F will keep your Lily flowers lasting the longest.
  • The best place for your Lily is in a room with natural light.
  • The soil of your plant should be kept lightly moist as long as your lily continues to flower.
  • Consider transplanting your Lily- I have always had the best luck of transplanting my Easter Lily outside to the garden. Lily's will come back each year, if cared for properly.
  • Keep Kitty away as Lily's can be dangerous and deadly to cats. 
Enjoy this day with your family and friends.

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Last Minute Easter Ideas from my Kids Preschool

April 5, 2012

Okay, I wish I could take credit for this absolutely cute Easter treat, but I can only take credit for the photos. This  phenomenal Easter treat was made for the kids preschool Easter party the other day
How stinkin cute is that!  The white chocolate bunny is faced down in a basket of chocolate pudding and  cookie crumbs. The bunny's body parts are fondant and the carrots are candy.
(sorry for the photo quality)
The cute "bottoms up bunnies" were displayed on a tiered pedestal with these sweet lil yellow cake pop chicks in the middle
After seeing this mom's creations , I am a little embarrassed to show you what I brought!

Weekly Wows

April 1, 2012

With Easter next weekend, I thought I would get in one more week of inspiring Easter and Spring ideas.
Forget the chocolate, bring on the deserts! Look at these Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats from Kellog. Oh my, these are too cute and easy!
Okay- I would love it if my eggs looked like this, but they won't. So pretty from Brown Paper Packages
Who would have thought Split Peas could look so good! Check out this wreath from Little Things Bring Smiles
And how about these cute carrot pillows from Tales of a Trophy Wife. These adorable pillows would look awesome on the front porch this season to welcome your guests.
And my last one for the week is from The Latest Find, what a fantastic way to reuse your old glass jars and make them look so pretty, just in time for the Spring Season.

Inspired? I knew you'd be.
Make it a great week!

Easter Hostess Gift

March 31, 2012

I will admit, I love those stinkin cake pops! But, I am not going to bore you again on how to make them, I  already did that here. I am though, going to show you how to present them in the cutest and easiest way as a hostess gift for Easter Sunday or any Spring Event.

For supplies you will need:
  • Flower pot
  • green crinkle paper
  •  Styrofoam
  • Wilton Cupcake liner in Yellow Flower design
  • Glue Gun
  • Cake pops with no sticks


Cut a piece of Styrofoam and place in your flower pot. Once secure begin gluing the yellow cupcake liners to the top. I used 4 liners for my medium size flower pot.
Once the liners are all dry, fill in the gaps ( so you don't see your Styrofoam) with the green crinkle paper.
Trim away any excess paper so that it looks neat. Take your cake pops and place two in each flower.
Last step ( optional) is to wrap the arrangement in plastic and tie with a bow.

This is a sweet gift that your hostess is sure to love!

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